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Hiking along the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri tracks

Literally scattered with hiking trails and tracks the hinterland of Finale is a must for the hiking fan or for those how like to be in touch with nature. Trails that make you discover the sea from a whole new perspective; from above.

The Alta Via dei Monti Liguri (the High Tracks of the Ligurian Mountains), which run from East to West through our beautiful Region passes also from the hinterland of Finale Ligure and through some of the most evocative spots of our territory. In addition to these there are a myriad of other paths and tracks, all clearly marked, providing excursion opportunities for all ages and for all levels of fitness.

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Alta Via dei Monti Liguri

The official tracks of the Italian Alp Club

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Other tracks

Other interesting tracks and routes

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Mountian Guides

The Mountain Guides of Finale Ligure

Official website of the Mountain Guides of Finale Ligure

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